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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

bea and iyai's first day at school

today is bea and iyai's first day at school.. i enrolled them at a school just a block away from our house. i was excited for them , yesterday, i was busy covering their books and labelling their school things. i made sure that their things, uniforms , baon are prepared for their big day. i got up early this morning kasi nga excited ako. i even borrowed my sister's digicam for some pictures. nakakatuwa ang feeling kasi ang lalaki na ng mga anak ko..parang it was just yesterday na babies lang sila...tapos ngayon magschool na sila....ang bilis talaga ng panahon...
after breakfast, my yaya's bathe them then binihisan na sila...nakakatuwa sila wearing their uniforms.. then together with my mom and sister, hinatid na namin sila sa school nila...their teachers were nice ( i just dont know pag hindi kami kaharap he he he) and matiyaga sila sa kids... at first bea and iyai weren't participating...siguro kasi nahihiya pa sila ...they weren't really exposed to having many kids around them...ayaw pa nila ako palabasin ng room...i was worried kasi baka matakot na sila magparticipate pag wala ako sa room...but then after a while, i got a chance to sneak out of the room and i checked thru the window if they would cry....buti na lang hindi na...the teachers were able to handle them well...ang hirap din kasi sila iwan...parang i am not ready to let them go...pero i know that we should train our kids to learn to mingle with their peers and other people ...para sa kanila din yun...and i know sooner or later maoovercome din ng mga kids ko ang fear...then sinundo ko na sila and im glad that their teachers told me that they are now participating in class.... siguro nga normal lang yun sa mga first time schoolers....mejo worried kasi ako eh....i hope tomorrow they will enjoy school more...i think i also have to review again my nursery rhymes ...hindi ko na memorize yun eh....

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

alexis ysabelle....

alexis ysabelle would be the name of our third baby girl...and yes..we have tres marias...(lagot asawa ko nito!! hehe...dapat good boy na siya hehe) i am now on my 37th original date of cs operation was june 16 (bday of my friend jommel) because that is a friday..i want my baby's first bday to be on a saturday and also , if it'll be on a friday, my hubby wont take too much of his leave however, i will not be able to attend my good friend Riza's bday i rescheduled it on june 23 ( a friday also), but when i went to see my ob yesterday, she told me that my baby's head is already positioned ready to go..and since i am experiencing contractions daily and some painful jabs in my lower abdomen, i fear that i might not be able to wait anymore till i finally decided to schedule it on june 18, the birthday of riza who will also be one of the ninangs of YSA. riza's party will be on the makakaattend the following day..bibiyakin nako..yaiks..di ko na muna pproblemahin ang first bday ng baby ko and the leave of my husband...anyway benefit nman niya yun..
i'm both excited and anxious, for the arrival of my 3rd baby for the following reasons:
- worried kasi nakalimutan ko na magalaga ng baby...di ko na alam pano magpaligo..hehe..and magbreast feed
- haayy.. i would have to experience again taking a bath with plastic wrapping around my waist..(just so to protect my baby wound)...feeling ko kasi hindi ako nalilinisan masyado...
- worried, kasi eto na naman , pahirapan na naman sa pagpapapayat...haaayy...would you believe that i am now 74kgs??? yes!!! just imagine,equivalent to 1 and a half sacks of rice... i must need a big miracle to be able to wear again a 28-inch pants...darn...
- excited, because i want to know how bea and iyai would be if they see their little sis...i hope they'll be very good ates at hindi po sana nila bugbugin...hehe
- excited , kasi gusto ko makita kung sino kamukha....
- worried, kasi gastos na naman..hehe...pero ok least may baby ulit kami..
at maraming marami pa...basta im excited to see my baby alexis ysabelle soon....

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

bored ka na ba? nalolongkot? walang makaosap?

I got this from my sister's blog ( cute lang...

Name 21 people you can thinkof right off the top of your head. Dont read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 21people. Ready, Start.
1. Dante
2. Jenee
3. Riza
4. Bea
5. Iyai
6. Roma
7. Mechel
8. Bong bong
9. Daddy
10. Mommy
11. Erika
12. Kaking
13. Aileen
14. Jay
15. Jommel
16. Jay-R
17. Jack shepard
18. Jack Bauer
19. Alexis Ysabelle
20. Momoi
21. Jayjay

1. How did you meet 14? I met jay thru my good friend and college classmate, ELLEN. Actually friend ni raymond si jay , and raymond is ellen's friend and neighbor sa innocentes, mandaluyong. Ellen introduced me to raymond who then introduced me to JAY. one of my good friends yan.

2. What would you do if you never met 1? I will not have FRANCESCA BEATRICE, JULIANNE RAFAELLE, and ALEXIS YSABELLE in my life. They are my source of strength.

3. What would you do if 20 and 9 dated? he he..di siguro type ng daddy ko si momoi..and vice versa...

4. Did you ever like 5? SIYEMPRE!! yan ata ang cute na cute kong si IYAI.

5. Would 3 and 12 make a good couple? hehe..unless one of them is lesbian..

6. Describe 8. Si bong bong..he is my kumpare, my friend..i met him at LAMCOR.(my very first job) and until now we are good friends. masipag yan magtext at mangamusta. Backlush tawag ko sa kanya.

7. Do you think 13 is attractive? Oo naman. Tweety de leon look a like ata yan.

8. Tell me something about 17. Jack Shepard is one of the main characters of one of my favorite tv series LOST. He is played by Matthew Fox. and he is oh so yummy!

9. Do you know any of 4's family members? hmmm..i know her papa dante, her mama
jhojho, her sisters iyai and ysabelle...

10. What's 21's favorite color? black? blue?

11. What would you do if 18 just confessed she/heliked you? wow...swerte ko naman...
feeling ko kasing ganda ko si audrey raines

12. What language does 20 speak? Kaking speaks tagalog, english and visayan dialect

13. Who is 8 going out with? Ewan ko lang sa ngayon..hehe babaero din kasi to eh...

14. What college is 16 in? Jay graduated from Centro Escolar University

15. When's the last time you talked to 13? she called me 3 weeks ago

16. What is 2's favorite band? is MYMP a band? alam ko gusto niya yun. dati ERASERHEADS

17. Would you ever date 7? hahhaa...di ko siya type and for sure di rin ako type niya...hehehe

18. Would you ever date 12? I can't date my kumare Kaking

19. Is 15 single? Nope, jommel is married to weng and father to fiona.

20. What is 19's last name? Jacela

21. Would you ever want to be in a serious relationship with #11? With erika? hahhhaha...

22. What school does 3 go to? Riza attended Laguna College of Business and Arts.

23. Where does 15 live? Jommel lives in Malabon.

24. What's your favorite thing about 10? her young looks..she doesnt look 49...

25. Have you seen number 21 naked? nope.

ningas kugon

this would be my third attempt to make a blog...i always tell my self i want to put in writing all the thoughts, ideas and just everything that comes to my mind..pero siguro ningas kugon ako...i now wonder where that word came from..
bad habit ko na talaga siguro...i have had so many plans in my life, some of which i even started, but all were laid to rest..from dieting, to baking, learning japanese again..etc etc...lahat wala ako natapos...and this is one thing that i want to change in my life...i will be a new mom again next month...and more responsibility awaits just scares me na baka mga kids ko mapabayaan ko din....i guess it's about time to get an more ningas kugon